Greece tour Zagori

Greece's last secret

Greece tour Zagori

  • Field trip to Mount Pindos
  • Instruction in Hebrew with Joseph Batis guide
  • Rafting in the Voidomatis stream in the Zagorochoria area
  • Savor the flavors of the local cuisine
  • We will walk in Wycos Mall, which according to the book of records
  • Schlaginshine is the deepest mall in the world-
  • We swam in one of the natural pools in Zagoriya
  • We swam in waterfalls in Thermopylae
  • We will walk on ancient paths that connect through bridges
  • We will visit the Meteora, an architecturally unique site
  • We will tour the city of Ioannina
  • We will visit the important sites of Athens

Joseph is known to many Israelis who have visited Crete, and is now a tour guide in other parts of Greece as well. On a trip with Joseph you will receive dedicated care and you will be in the good hands of an experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and energetic guide. You can get tips from experts and visit places where the locals visit. Be prepared to discover with Joseph some of the most hidden secrets of Greece Joseph was born in Athens, Greece, studied economics at Haifa University and received a degree in business administration from the American College in Greece. He continued his studies in Germany, where he studied social anthropology and ethnology at the University of Heidelberg. Joseph traveled to many places in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. He has made many documentaries dealing with the ethnology, art and culture of Asia and Europe.

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A 7-day trip in the Zagurhoria region located in the Pindos mountain range in northern Greece

The starting point of the trip is Athens. In total, we will travel about 1200 km. Among the activities: hiking through ancient paths that connect to bridges, stopping in several villages, tasting the local cuisine and getting to know the people of the village. During a fascinating field trip, we will reach waterfalls and natural pools One night stay in Meteora, the chain of hanging monasteries. On the way to Athens we will stop at Thermopylae and soak in hot springs. One night stay in Athens, we will visit the tourist sites - and don't worry, there will be time for shopping!

Zagorohoria, located in the Pindos mountain range in northern Greece, is one of the areas with the most magical scenery in Greece and the most popular for field trips. In this region there are about 46 villages whose houses are built of stone. The bridges between the villages are ancient, arched, built in Ottoman style and add beauty and splendor to the place. In some villages there is a large number of guest houses and authentic taverns. Bears can be seen on the peaks of the Gamila mountains, which reach a height of 2000 m. When we approach the Vikos Canyon, the Vidomtis River is revealed in front of us, the color of its water is turquoise blue and it is ideal for rafting. Vicos Mall, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is considered the deepest mall in the world. The trip is an unforgettable experience and is suitable for couples, groups, and also for parents and mitzvah sons/daughters who are interested in a challenging vacation.

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Yossi is an amazing guide. Professional, funny and energetic and knows how to enjoy life. If you happen to come to Greece, Yossi is the perfect guide.


The best there is, high quality and generous with information!! Insanely recommended!


Yossi is a very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant guide. We had a great time with Yossi and there is no doubt that we will highly recommend him!


Highly recommend excellent guide thank you

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