Athens city tour

Come and join our tour, under the guidance of the best guides, natives of the place

Athens city tour

  • We will reach all the main and famous sites and landmarks in Athens
  • We will learn about Athens first-hand - a guide born in the city
  • We will discover the hidden gems of Athens, which a normal tourist bus does not reach
  • We will discover the streets where the special and delicious food sites are located - the famous places
  • For locals only
  • We will get tips on the special shopping areas
  • We will hear the tales of legends and myths about the Greek gods and heroes
  • We will enjoy the sight of magnificent monuments and listen to stories about them

Athens is a city of contrasts and surprises, a place where ancient beauty meets monstrous contemporary architecture. Here, the wondrous kindness and the infinite measure of hospitality intersect with the urban chaos. This city offers a sweeping view of some of the oldest monuments in the world. With mountains and sea around it, the city enjoys the sun almost all year round. Her name was given to her by the goddess Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, and already in this the contradiction exists. Indeed, this city is full of contradictions, and yet everyone is drawn to it again and again, to its amazing food, its vibrant energy, its excellent shopping sites and its great social life. It will take nothing more than one hike with our guide and his exciting stories until you will be completely convinced of this too. Even if you have already been to Athens, this tour will make you discover Athens as you have never known it

The tour is private and can be customized to your needs and desires

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Yossi is an amazing guide. Professional, funny and energetic and knows how to enjoy life. If you happen to come to Greece, Yossi is the perfect guide.


The best there is, high quality and generous with information!! Insanely recommended!


Yossi is a very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant guide. We had a great time with Yossi and there is no doubt that we will highly recommend him!


Highly recommend excellent guide thank you

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